I think some people just get lucky in life and everything goes their way. They want something and “poof” it seems like, it’s theirs right away. We all have that one friend, relative that is like this. They lose weight quickly, they look amazing just getting out of bed, they get the first job they interview for etc. Then there are the “others” as I like to refer to people, like me. We struggle with everything. We struggle to look good when we go out of the house, we struggle to lose that last 10 pounds, we struggle to finish the degree we’ve always dreamed about and we continue to struggle for everything we ever had. What’s interesting is that I used to think this was a problem, that there must be something wrong with the “others” because why couldn’t we get the things we wanted, like everyone else? Why can’t things be handed to us? What I’ve learned through the years is the people who have to work the hardest for every little achievement, are the ones, who appreciate their successes, so much more when they are reached. Sure it might be nice to have something handed to me once in awhile but would I appreciate it? Would I really love it and value it as much? I don’t think so. It is through my tears, pain, perseverance and faith that I have achieved, all I’ve dreamed.


The Voice

We all search for Him.

We all wonder where He is. But do we ever ask ourselves, if we are the ones who keep Him away. Are we the ones who go to others for answers, instead of praying? Are we the ones, who fall apart and blame Him when we should be standing in faith, knowing that He always does what is best in our lives.

Here are my intimate thoughts with God. Here is my perception of what God wants. He is always there. He lingers until we are ready to fully accept him into our lives.

There’s nothing between us, except what you put between us.

That my dear child is your choice and is ultimately what free will is all about.

It is the choice to choose something that either unites us or separates us in thought.

Truly there is nothing that can separate us,

but if you live a life of forgetfulness always choosing this ‘thing’ and that ‘thing’ in place of a relationship with me,

then dear one it is you that is keeping yourself from Me and My love,

not the other way around.

There is no place You can go.

There is no place you can hide that I cannot find you—-

but I can be kept from your mind and your heart,

and that is truly what free will is all about.

You have the choice to experience me as love, or experience me as hatred, fear, darkness,

isolation… all things unloving.

I AM forever standing outside your door.

I AM the guest you can either invite into your home or not.

I AM always there, forever present, for I never truly leave your side. 

It is YOU, that has the choice to let me in or not.

This is the purpose of your journey here.

To discover WHY you refuse to let Me In.

All the answers to ALL of your questions rest in this one question.

What are you afraid of?

Why are you holding Me and My love away from you?

It is ever present… It is the Gift that sits on your doorstep through every dawning day and every setting sun.

Through every change of season…

It is always there.


Only you dear child can choose to open the door and bring Me inside.

If you are not, then you must ask yourself why you value your pain over love?

Why do you value and choose your isolation over union?

Why do You find ‘better’ things to do that have nothing to do with receiving what it on your doorstep?

Truly this is your question for this day and for all days going forward. 

If you are sad or even angry because you feel I have in some way abandoned or foresaken you,

then you need to ask yourself, why you have not decided to let me in.

I AM here.

Forever waiting.

I will wait forever until you receive Me…

I have all the patience in the world.

I AM not going anywhere…. so you better decide that it’s time to let me in.

Decide that it is time for you to receive all the blessings I have been waiting to give.

This is the voice I know to be God’s

Written: February 6th 2012

Debbie A. DeVita